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Ariel Solution

What is Ariel?

The James Group has developed a robust software solution called Ariel that assists in the data capture and processing of forms. Ariel allows any business or government entity to capture data and process forms with more speed and accuracy, therefore enabling the client to show return on investment quickly. The Ariel solution can process hundreds of forms in minimal time using ICR, rules based data extraction, database look ups and verification. A variety of data integration points and output types can be tailored to meet your enterprise data management needs. Ariel allows our business and government clients the ability to capture data and quickly import, process to existing system, validate data with existing databases, USPS postal verify addresses and deposit the information into Ariel’s database schema. Ariel is scalable and can be made to work in most environments with quick ramp time to deployment, giving management the ROI needed for our solution. Ariel can take most forms and convert them into data capture models so processing time is cut down significantly, giving your organization the ability to focus precious resources on your business needs.

Practical Applications:

Absentee Request Forms
Voter Registration Forms
Purchase Order Processing
Department or Agency
Request Forms
Business or Government
Human Resource Applications

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