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Business Process Re-Engineering

Some vendors propose IT solutions without consideration for the existing or future business processes and operations of the client. This is not the case at The James Group, where professionals are skilled in both business and technology and take great care and consideration when making IT proposals. We take the time to consider your existing environment along with your business goals and strategies. We analyze and assess business processes, consider alternative solutions, recommend improvements and implement business process changes. Where new technology systems are needed to improve business processes, we find, create, design, development, implement and support the systems. We can provide technical and/or end-user training on the new processes and technologies.We also work to ensure the long-term success of your system by providing business continuity planning and disaster recovery preparedness services.

Our business process re-engineering services include:

  • Business and process analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Systems Design
  • Process Design
  • Technical Research and Analysis
  • Workflow Automation
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Preparedness

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