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Information Security

Protecting people, places and information

A disciplined and proactive strategy to securing your organization’s most critical business assets is required in today’s global workplace. The steady growth of complex and interconnected systems and business processes demands a fresh approach to Risk Assessment and Control Management.

Once inexplicable network outages are now known to be security incidents. Perhaps a spam outbreak wasn’t considered a security incident before, but now that it can deliver malware, it is. As arms races go, the bad guys are always way ahead. Are there more incidents today? Maybe. Its likely organizations are simply more aware of the incidents that have always plagued them and are investing in technology to help them identify these threats. If most of the investment has been put into technology, most of the return will come from there, too.

The James Group believes the key to a successful Information Security framework begins with understanding the nature of vulnerabilities before they affect you, as well as building an effective risk mitigation strategy to reduce the impact to your bottom line and reputation.

The James Group designs Security Solutions by leveraging a robust Information Security model and holistic approach that employs Defense-in-Depth layering of controls throughout your technology systems.


Trust Management

  • Security Policies
  • Public Key Management
  • Industry Standards

Vulnerability Management Solutions

  • Penetration Testing and Assessment
  • Change Management (Control)
  • Configuration and Patch Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Availability, Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Application Assessment

Audit and Regulatory Compliance

  • Risk Rating / Ranking / Assessment

Identity Management Solutions

  • Secure Directory Services
  • Federation
  • Policy-Based Access Management
  • Attestation and User Account Certification
  • Identity Management Auto-Provisioning
  • WebSSO and eSSO
  • Role-Based Access Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Threat Management Solutions

  • Infrastructure and Perimeter Monitoring
  • Internal Threat Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery and Business

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