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Systems Architecture

The James Group provides services which give you the ability to leverage a common infrastructure that will share data and connect processes between multiple systems or applications. We develop applications and infrastructure by combining core components to support your key business functions and processes. Applications may reside on different hardware operating systems across multiple platforms. We also utilize automated tools to generate code and test systems. We create prototypes and documentation that provide clear design requirements and confirm business operations and database design accuracy. As with all our services, we employ full lifecycle methodologies and project communication strategies throughout the project.

Our Systems Architecture services include:

Requirements Analysis

  • Requirements Identification
  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Organizational Requirements
  • Standards Compliance
  • Test Plans & Procedures
  • Code Change Control Procedures

Preliminary Design

  • Functional Description
  • Technical Assessment
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Concept of Operations
  • Logical Database Design
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • System Interface Specification and Definition

Detailed Design

  • Software Component Specification
  • Hardware Component Specification
  • Physical Database Design
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Implementation Planning
  • Data Dictionary
  • User Interface Design

System Implementation

  • Software Development
  • Software Integration
  • Hardware Integration
  • Unit and Module Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Database Population

System Testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Customer Acceptance Testing
  • Configuration Audits
  • Configuration Management
  • Quality Assurance

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